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Electronic locks manufactured by TriTeq are unparalleled in the security that they provide. Applicable in vending through the retro-fit locks, TriTeq provides superior defense against vandalism and, through its unique and patented audit trail system, money siphoning by employees. Stopping leakage and thwarting theft through the use of state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems has been TriTeq’s successful mission for over a decade. TriTeq… Securing your success

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    Triteq has been providing intelligent security systems for over 20 years. Holding multiple patents the company is the standard for impenetrable secure electro-mechanical latches and locking systems. The TriTeq philosophy has always been to deliver innovative intelligent systems that are more than just locks; systems that are a deterrent to vandalism and forced entry while virtually eliminating internal and external theft.

“We are happy with the TriTeq products...there has not been a successful break in since we installed the locks.

Ryan Marsh, V.P.
First Class Vending

    The TriTeq software embedded in the systems makes the management of assets and loss prevention a reality. A complete detailed audit trail of access events by date, time, and person along with the ability to set limits gives management the ability to make better business decisions while realizing savings that can dramatically improve the bottom line. Contact us for a free analysis of your situation and find out how we can improve your performance and profitability.

We converted our Coca-Cola machines at the site to TriTeq and have not had one theft or vandalism since...."

Steve Chaff, CEO
Chaff Vending Service