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  • Q. Where can I buy your products?

    If you would like to place an order, call TriTeq at 1 (847)640-7002 or please download and complete the appropriate form(s) here and return via...

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 1(847) 640-7008

  • Q. What does the 5 flashes on the fob mean?

    The 5 flashes indicate that the fob you are using to access the lock is not the fob programmed to open the lock. For more details, refer to the Tech Manual.

  • Q. If using the battery backup will I still need a key?

    In case the power is disconnected you can use the battery pack but the key is still required to open and close the lock.

    The battery back up will supply power to the lock when the main power is not available.

  • Q. Why doesn`t the program light come on when I try to program the lock?

    There are several reasons why this occurs. The two most common ones are:

    1) the lock is in the “locked” condition. The CPU can only be programmed when the lock is “open”.

    2) The “program” button was not pressed long enough. Hold the button until the light is on.

    All other possibilities are failure conditions. Please refer to the Tech Manual's Troubleshooting Section.

  • Q. When is the bolt in the locked position?

    The locked position is when the bolt is extended.
    For details on bolt position, please refer to the installation instructions of the BevIQ lock or SnackIQ lock.

  • Q. What to do if the lock doesn`t open?

    There are several things you need to check and possibly troubleshoot.
    The lock may be open and the door of the machine needs to be firmly pulled to open; there may be no power to the lock; there may be a component failure.

    To troubleshoot your specific situation, please refer to the Tech Manual's troubleshooting section.

  • Q.How do I know what lock will fit my machine?

    Refer to the cross-reference chart to determine the correct lock for your application.
    If you have a unique application, call TriTeq to discuss your specific needs.